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Since 2003.


Wash is an ideas studio shaped for our integrated age. We help develop, articulate and build brands with a team of strategic thinkers and visual creatives. We have become one of the most respected design and film studios in the north-west.


We first opened our studio doors in 2003. Then, we had a strong sense of who we were and what we were trying to achieve. Even as the creative landscape has transformed and our team has evolved, we’ve never lost sight of our purpose: we care more about effective creativity and engaging content than we do about following the crowd.

Today, the toolbox looks a little different, but our aim is the same. Our work touches all points of communications – from brand and corporate identity to web and digital design, and from motion graphics and film to interior and environmental design.


If you hadn’t guessed already, we’re proud of our roots. We could easily pack up our pens and set up shop in some bustling metropolis, but that’s not really us – and we think it’s not really necessary either.

So we’ve put a pin in the map in Preston. It’s called the Artistry House. As a base for collaborators and a space for creativity, there’s little like it in the neighbourhood. It’s not only home to our studio – its doors are open to everyone in the creative industries to work together.

Because, when it comes to the region’s creative landscape, we’re not just in tune with it; we’re ingrained in it. While the Artistry House will be a great base for years to come, we’ve long been a champion for Lancashire’s creative industries. We know the region doesn’t just hold its own on the national stage – we think it can lead the way. Not all big ideas come from big cities.


We take pride in our work. It’s delivered with intelligence and craft, using a methodology that’s proved effective time and time again. But we don’t do it alone. The best work happens when different ideas and insights, abilities and skills all converge.

So we collaborate through meaningful, open relationships, rooted in well-earned respect and complete honesty – with our clients, with each other and with our vast network of suppliers, partners and trusted allies. The better we know each other and the better we share our perspectives, the better the results. We have the tools and the skills, but it’s our friendly, down-to-earth attitude that makes true creativity possible.


Plenty of people probably think we’re typical straight-talking northerners. That’s ok, though: we are. It makes for warm, open communications with our clients and collaborators. We may be the opposite of urbanite, but we don’t mind rubbing shoulders with the cosmopolitan crowd.

We’re immersed in the arts, not just avid consumers of the latest art, music, film and more, but active creators and a leading voice in the region’s cultural conversation. You’ll find us at the talks, the openings and the new exhibitions, seeking out inspiration and exploring new ideas. Then again, it’s just as likely you’ll find us amongst Lancashire’s scenery, exploring on foot or on two wheels.



+ Campaign Development

+ Brand Identity & Guidelines

+ Visual Collateral

+ Website Development

+ Digital Marketing & Social media

+ Exhibition/Environment

Film and Motion

+ Film Production

+ Photography

+ MotionGraphics

+ Animation

+ 3D


+ Creative Direction

+ Brand Strategy & Research

+ Co-Design

+ Brand Workshops

+ Service Design

+ Educational Talks