The Artistry House

Nov 14th, 2018


We set up the Artistry House out of the desire to build a centre point for creativity and collaboration in the North West.

Lancashire can be perceived as parochial and we wanted to use the Artistry House to counteract that, bringing talented, creative people together and proving that great work can exist outside of the big cities. This building does just that - it gives us a place to own and an opportunity to explore our passions for art, interior design.

When looking at properties, the view onto Winckley Square was the immediate attraction here. Just being able to look out of your workspace onto the greenery of the park is fantastic. Also the period of the property and the collection of rooms allowed us to be creative in our approach to a working environment.

The budget was the major challenge as we were delivering the project on a shoe string. That and running a full time business in the building throughout the renovations. In a way though it has made it what it is and allowed us to take our time and really get a feel for the building and how we work within it, rather than rushing it through to a fixed deadline.

Future plans are to branch into product so that we can start to sell online. This may be product we’ve designed ourselves or from collaborators who work with us.

Additionally, we’d like people to use the space for workshops, meetings and collaborative projects so it gets used more widely within the community – it’s also a really great place for a party!

By Lynsey Thompson, Managing Director at Wash Studio