Anderton Gables


Anderton Gables.

The property and construction industries tended to have a ‘look’. Lots of greys and dark blues – be it websites, brochures, or suit choices. AG wanted something different to fit their 'straightforward', 'down-to-earth' way of working as their existing brand assets didn't do the trick.


A refreshed look that made them stand out from the crowd, with an injection of personality and bold, own-able colour palette within their sector. We tweaked their mark, developed a toolkit of visual assets, bespoke illustrations and stylised team photography to kickstart their new chapter.


+ Creative Concept + Brand Voice + Photography

+ Illustration + Asset Creation + Brand Guidelines

+ Art Direction

With Thanks.

Our Extended Team.

Rachel Ovenden - Photography
Gabrielle Street - Illustration
Bob Murison - Copywriting