Tailored for Petrol heads


Our second outing with the Petrol Heads, but this time with a very different brief. The Fastback model of the i30N has a touch more style so this year we went less gritty, moving the production out to Palma to chase better weather and create a more refined look.


As well as the characters new tailored looks, we worked to develop the petrol head personalities through both the narrative and VFX. With a few subtle nods to classic movies and the Captain Beefheart soundtrack, we wanted an edginess to this year's commercial that tells people that this car is certainly not for the mainstream - it’s for the ones in the know. This through-the-line campaign brought the characters to life across TV, cinema, digital.

Production: 2AM and Palma Pictures, VFX: We Are Lut, Director: Dan Chase, Creative Direction/Co-Director: Andy Walmsley, DOP: Ben Smithard